Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Big Lie

How to get over a lost love . 

I think many of us struggle with this one , on so many levels . If your talking real love , true love , well then .. You probably tried crying , panick attacks , movies , music , googling , writing , drinking , friends , dating , hobbies , no matter what we end up at square one right ? 

Sitting every where and any where in that one quiet moment where our ex love is sitting invisibly across from us , and it's just apart of our every day lives . 

We sit and count other exes .. They are filed away in the I can careless Q . But this one , this one sits quietly in our corner . We don't know why . And then again yes , we do . They had our heart . 

Fate is cruel master of deception . We wonder how she plays her part and why . But the only answer I have to the burning question you all have is quite easy . 

You don't . Don't let them go . 

They taught you to love so deeply , they are still with you . They got you to risk , they did a lot , keep your heart open . 

Hold on to their precious gift . 

That's my gift to you today ;) 

- Agent Orange 

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