Monday, August 25, 2014

Doing The Impossible

I watched the VMA's in horror last night , wondering what happened to music ? Naked woman gyrating about with lip syncing synthesizers , and layers of make up . I'm left asking myself , are we selling music , art , or sex ? 

We look down on today's teen girls and their 23 year old mini's they hide in back packs changing in the bathrooms , we wonder where it all went wrong ? 

Who are our role models ? I'm getting to my point right now .....

I spend maybe ten minutes on make up . Although I'm more tom boy then princess 
Don't get me wrong I have my princess moments . 

Even I ,not obsessed with main stream , find myself staring at these woman thinking .. Should I buy $500.00 worth of make up , try harder every day to look like this ? 

The world today is a magazine add . It's swollowing hearts , integrity , justice , and real beauty in this world . 

My point is what ever it is you see in the mirror , see it for who you are . Not the adds or gyrating princess whorres on MTV . 

Look for real beauty ! We can all teach young girls beauty comes from so many other things ... 

Believe in who you are ;) 

- Agent Orange 

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