Thursday, August 14, 2014

Set It On Fire

We wonder through our day , 24 hours pass us by so quickly . How many times do we stop to ask our selves about the relationships we have in our lives . Do we give to those around us ? Do we just receive what is given ? Are we numb ? 

Life is a precious gift we have one time . Do not let fear or pain rob you of the hour glass that streams effortlessly and unforgiving on your bed side table . 

Do not waste time seeking attention from people who do not care to give it back to you . Your past is your past , it's the old story , keeping you from the new story . I know , it hurts . It hurts a lot . But go ahead look in the mirror ... Look now ! Someone loves your eyes and your smile and if you don't believe me I promise it's true . As soon as you let go of what's hurting you , it will appear back in that mirror . 

Have you ever walked down a street reading a book ? Not noticing what's around you ? 
Your reading an old story and everyone is watching . Put the book down !!!

That love is waiting , maybe a new job , a smile , a joy , so many things . 

So go write down all the the things that are causing you sadness or pain since you can ever remember . Then tear it up ! Burn it ! Yes burn it ! And never visit it again ! 

Then write down new goals focus on those !!! 

Cheers to a new story !

- Agent Orange 

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