Saturday, June 30, 2018

lighter side

So I haven’t posted on Agent Orange since last year ! My relationship blog has suffered since I been in a relationship go figure . Now that I’m not in one but not interested in dating ever I still love him so nothing I can do about that . What I can tell you is I went against every rule in my relationship book . Where did it get me ? Alone ? So this proves my book is awesome . But what I also learned is things aren’t always black and white . I loved him more than anyone and I showed who I was to him 100 % never have I done this ever . Even though lies broke us apart in the hard reality I think in the good and bad I saw him too . So it was real . I don’t know what the future holds but all I know is it was real . And thank God , God is involved .

Things are not easier at all . What else is new . I’ve kept myself busy in the gym and work and prayer
Lots of prayer . I pray more than ever . I’m surrounded by a small group of great friends . God is blessing me . Although I cry in my day I find joy to in my blessings . I truly love my job . I’ve never felt this before either . My friends tattoo guy will do my other sleeve for only 600 bucks ! And he’s an amazing artist . I’m worried for my heart with stress it’s been bad .

I lose inches every week my diet going strong I’m dedicated to over all being the best I can be .

It’s really all I can do right now . Be the best mom , best Christian , good sales person , good to my friends , and good to my soul right now .

I hope things are better by Christmas it’s my favorite holiday . I’m excited to take Raigan out of town for her birthday . We need it . As agent orange , I say trust in God’s plan he will take care of what we can’t . Even though it hurts , I believe in my heart eventually it will be ok

- Agent Orange

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