Monday, January 2, 2017


I don't believe in New Years resolutions . They are rediculous . Every resolution is to live every day to go after what I want , not to want it once a year . I think it's a hallmark day for gym memberships . Tonight I watched my daughter play in her new princess tent I Suddenly started to smell something burning my heart felt like it was skipping beats and I felt sick . I had this weird feeling come over me and I saw the room become black . I thought , was I having a stroke ? What the hell was going on . I began to pray in case I died as I grew more sick and the room became more black . I ran into my moms room told her I was having a stroke or something . It continued to get worse .  My heart rate went from 60 to 100 . I was having a seizure . I began to cry . I'm so tired of these breaking moments, one minute with my daughter the next in fear . I sit here now my head is killing me .

I don't have a new years resolution except just to be healthy and to live for my kids . And to do anything it takes to just live in the moment with them .

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