Monday, January 30, 2017

Heart Of The Matter

It's Monday my heart is racing my medicine isn't by working and I'm listening to the used . Poetic justice I think it's called . I apologize for editing error , I'm writing on my cell phone to say how I'm blessed each day I'm alive . Every day I pray that my hearts ok . No one knows what's wrong all I know is it races to a high rate , all by its self . I cut sugar and caffeine . I'm to young for this , now I know what a gift life is . What matters and what doesn't . When your praying you will just live another day , things come into perspective real fast . I tell people I love them , I cherish my friends and family and I try not to regret anything . And fight my hardest for my kids and just pray everything will be alright . My message to you is not to take life for granted

Agent Orange

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