Friday, October 28, 2016

Protect Your Happiness

It's Friday morning , I woke up with this pounding headache , I quickly made coffee and it's slowly subsiding . I tend to write on here only when I found something life changing to share , like you I don't like to waste my time reading boring rants . We're all human I think many of us struggle with the same obsticals . This morning I received a voice mail from an old friend this voicemail encouraged me to write this blog .

I'm going to change gears for a moment , on social media we see quotes and some are meant to inspire some are meant to quickly scroll past with out any further thought . A few weeks ago I saw a post that said protect your happiness . This was so profound to me because this is the one thing I did not do . I put everyone before me and regardless of how it hurts me my friends needs go first even if their toxic or just takers . I needed to learn the word no and to protect my happiness and my heart .

So let's get back to the voice mail . I had dated someone who then disappeared and then kept popping in and out of my life . It happens we all have those people I suppose , but this one would call drunk and be horribly mean and rude blame me for his problems in life . I felt Aweful for him I would just be there and then he left every time he got a new girl friend .

To me this wasn't a very good friend at all . After a few years of this , I deleted him from my life , guess who left a message this morning ? Yes . Blaming me for ending our friendship and drunk  again?

This blog isn't about men or dating . This is just an example , so don't get me wrong it's about protecting your happiness and your heart in any situation . Jobs , friendships , relationships , know your worth . You are more than this and the right people will get your love .

-Agent Orange

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