Saturday, June 13, 2015

So Far - The Hit it And Quit It

This blog is never intended on my writings to be on present day . It's an advice blog for over all learned wisdoms from my path as well as others . 

My 90 day goal I will document because I feel like it's imperative to learn about thinking outside of the box . Seeing life out side of who you are ...... 

Remember my blog about finding your perfect match ? I told you to write what you wanted down . 

See the picture of your life - and live it .

90 day goal for me and my dear friend Sarah Mikel has become being the list of the best match for our selves . You can't be the star in someone's sky if your not your own in your own sky . 

Sarah gave perfect analogy today . If you take 1 empty glass who comes to another empty glass there both filling voids with out side things . Never ever being able to be happy and fullfilled . Those 2 glasses will never fill each other either . 

If your glass is full then you don't need to take from anyone you have what you need to be happy and then you can give that happiness to your other full glass . 

Make sense ? 

Dating has been disappointing because when it fails I think - was I too ugly ? Boring ? Whatever it may be , it's disappointing . Right ????? How did I come up short ??? 

The full glass thinks - who gives a shit there loss because I'm pretty awesome .

This is where my 90 days needs to take me . I've been through hell and back I'm pretty amazing , I shouldn't be racking my brain over what coulds or couldn't of been . 

We're focused and determined , to be the vision I see myself - for - someone else . Make sense ? 

Now we got this far - single or not get a pen and paper ...... Go - I'll wait here for you . 

Write down your top 3 goals / priorities . 
Do it !!!!! 

No one is perfect were not looking for a perfect you , just a happy you . 

Cheers to 90 days 

- Agent Orange 

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