Wednesday, June 10, 2015


My 90 day hiatus is working out just great I urge everyone to do it . Maybe not for the same reasons but for goal oriented ones . 

For me I have not taken any time aside for my most important goals and they have come second , third , or fourth to piles of other priorities of job , being a mom and financial stress . 

Not to mention do I get to see my friends or go on a date working 14 hours a day and trying to be this mom , and gym rat ? 

Nope ....... 

I'm tired , worn out and broken . 

I took 4 years off dating I started back up 4 months ago . I met some nice people and some crazy people all in all I'm shelving dating for 90 days to focus on priorities . 

90 days in gym , no matter what . 90 days financial freedom . 

These two things I need now . For me and my kids . 

Love can come later . I didn't need a picket fence any way , is it so hard to find someone to share dinner with and covers?

 There's 2 months left 

Carpe Diem 

- Agent Orange 

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