Saturday, July 11, 2015

Know The Difference

Know The Difference - 

I feel like everyone needs to know the difference between a connection between 2 people or 1 person just having an agenda of some sort . 

Is there a grey area in this - I don't think there is but , hell I could be wrong . 
I'm writing this blog on my lunch so I have 10 minutes to do so . I don't have time to get into semantics so I will address one side - connection . Like an electrical plug - flowing energy from 2 ends . A current always alive . Never dying , if your connection is real both ends will not faulter it will keep its connection going , nothing can stop it . You need it to go - 

Until one ends it - it's real . 

A false connection is one person trying to connect with another , chasing a dead end - not real - 

Catch my drift - 

Move on .... 

Some real connections - worth trying to save - if un saveable move on you need 2 ends . 

End of story 

- Agent Orange 

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