Monday, May 18, 2015


36 has come and gone . This past year has been the most amazing and the most heart breaking . 
I've found myself in situations I never thought I would be brave enough to ever stand to do and at the same time left situations I never thought I'd have the courage to leave . 

Starting beginning of last year I had to say good bye to the most amazing man I ever met . Flying to Colorado to do it , driving race cars and going home . 

I had an amazing fun job driving 200k cars racing on freeways with my best friends staying up all night laughing . 

I had hard times as a single mom when months were slow , or hurting my back and my trainer trying to get me back to health . Teaching me how to be strong physically and mentally . What a rough journey it's been . 

Also  finding myself on my knees praying as a single mom working 300 hours a month trying to pay the bills trying to make it to the gym , trying to see my friends and love my kids , find love all over again . 

Yes in 2 weeks I'll be 37 , I have a new job . It's the people who love us who help me get through . 

May we reach every goal this year - 

- Agent Orange 

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