Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Big Question

This weeks blog is about deciphering what does and does not make sense . How many times in our lives are we faced with a situation that , just makes absolutely no sense . In my comings and goings I deal with this everyday . My friends bound with these questions with no answers . Why did he leave ? Why didn't she call ? Why did they die ? We are left with a void and no peace . All because of the big " why " .

I don't sleep . I'll beat myself up .....
Nothing brings the answer .

I have the answer . If it doesn't make sense it's simply not meant to be .
All stories have a beginning and an end . Did you ever read a book that ended in the middle ?

Satan is the author of confusion the bible says .
So if it makes sense whether it works or not then , it's supposed to be apart of our story .
If it dosent , start a new chapter to finish your own ending .

It's hard sometimes . But trust me it's the truth .

- Agent Orange

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