Sunday, August 2, 2015

Top Shelf Vodka

I scroll through these promising emails with high lighted head lines " how to make him want you " or " how to save your relationship " just click here . Or just watch this video to learn the magic phrases or words . Click and delete . It's garbage . All the videos in the world won't save anyone . Are you a victim ? 

Go send money to the poor . They at least need the money . 
If you lost your love , no song , no magic word will bring them back . We lose and we lose hard . Go look in the mirror - if they don't want to see you today - their loss . Yes I know you love them . But parading around in victim ville won't bring them back . 

They have to love you , they have to miss you all on there own . With out you and your magic words or vodoo - 

Look I know , I had to do it to , I'm sitting in my own silence this week . So toughen up soldiers ! 

- Agent Orange 

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