Monday, June 1, 2015

On The Contrary

It's cold out side , the rain is streaming from unforgiving clouds as I play Finch - Ender , on my phone . 

This blog is an advice blog and as I sit alone in this hotel room I'm trying to gather my own wisdoms to get me home today . 

The real journey is our silent one . The one we walk alone . So many people think for instance I'm searching for love .

Indeed I'm not seeking it out , I just want to find it in a passing crowd - and hold its hand . 
I fly a thousand miles and I find myself here writing you . 
Because what I do know is, I find myself grabbing at finger tips as one is always letting go - 

I have no answer . I do know that I found myself in a pile of tears last night , not because I'm confused or lost , but tired 

Tired of being another face 
Among a hundred faces 
In the crowd 
- Agent Orange 

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